A MarTech solution for analyzing influencer sales data

The only platform that gives you access to all your influencer sales data in one place. Use this valuable information to make key decisions about what works for your brand and how to optimize your influencer strategies.


Real-time access to all your influencer’s performances in one place.

Track the success of your campaigns

As a marketer, you want to know what happens after your influencer posts. How many sales did they generate? What products were purchased? What was the return on your influencer marketing investment?Our solution gives you real-time insights into the sales generated by your influencers.

Track the success of influence campaigns
Analysis of influencer data

Sales Data Analysis

We aggregate sales data to provide deep analysis to help you make the right decisions.
- Categorization of products sold,
- Top product categories
- Top influencers in each category
- Date and time of sale- Source of traffic…

Process Automation

Save time by automating manual processes.Thanks to the influencer highlights on the Shop My Influence app, receive regular inbound requests for your content creation and gifting campaigns.
Manage all your campaigns directly on your dashboard and let influencers come to you.

Influence campaign automation


Offer a complementary compensation model
Brand ambassadors

Long-term ambassador program

Boost your existing affiliate program or create a new one and give your affiliates the freedom to make long term highlights for the products they love and that create engagement with their communities.

Performance-based compensation

Motivate your influencers by offering an additional payment model based on performance.

Performance pay

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